C007 Memory of South China by Poet Po Chi-I

This calligraphy received the Aiko's Merchandise Award from the Sumi-e Society of America in 2006

Original ink on rice paper by Joan Lok

14" x 18", mounted on silk to 18" x 24"



"Memory of South China" by Po Chi-I
I miss South China
The place I long for the most is Hangzhuo  
Stroll along the mountain temple path under the moonlight seeking berries
Cruise along Tung Ting Lake viewing the high tides
When would I be there again? 
About the author:
Po Chi-I, 772 to 846, is one of the most prolific poet of the Tang dynasty.  He held various positions from the palace librarian to provisional governorships.  He was once the Mayor of Lo-Yang, the eastern capital of China.  Deeply concerned with the social problem of his time, Po's poems are filled with human love and sorrows.  He composed poems that can be understood by the commoners, and not just the privileged and educated.  His direct approach and use of simple words made him one of the most popular Chinese poets of all times.  
I selected "Memory of South China" because the poet used very few words, yet the poem adequately describes the beauty of South China in different times of the day, and provokes a longing sorrow which can be shared by it readers.

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