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Voice of America 2005

Washington Post 2005

Kiosk, University of Minnesota Newsletter 1997


Graphic Encounter 2005

National Cherry Blossom Festival 2005


"When Giving Up is Not an Option", a poem written by poet Marge Blakey for Joan Lok

You must paint with the wings of butterflies. - J. Porterfield, Simsbury, Connecticut

Your artworks have created beauty within our home and have a place of honor where they are admired by all who enter. – Jerry and Sharon Adkisson, Edmond, Oklahoma

Your painting sets a tranquil tone for the room.  As I am getting more into meditation, I find that the piece takes me to a peaceful, serene place.  I have tried to imagine you creating the wonderful painting and drawings that you do, and I am in awe. - Nancy Champagne, Plano, Texas

A poetic combination of styles – Irene Rowah, Farmington, Connecticut

Your art helped brighten my day – Rachel Norman, Vernon, Connecticut

Joan’s artwork is quite exceptional. I am truly honored to have her art in my home. Her work often receives praise when friends and family come to admire it. – Eric Stern, Windsor, Connecticut

Serenity is just a brush stroke away – Charles Morrison, Memphis, Tennessee

Thank you!  Truly wonderful, beautiful paintings.  A feeling of peace and tranquility upon viewing them. – Debbie Solomon, South Windsor, Connecticut

Peaceful good feelings – Cheri Bragg, South Windsor, Connecticut 

Beautiful – words fail me. – Miriam Grants, Simsbury, Connecticut

Joan Lok has an unique ability that allows her to breathes life into her paintings.  She shares her talents with the world through her eyes by making such masterpieces that are true reflections of herself.  This extraordinary spirituality is a true gift from God.  - Margaret Blakey, Shawnee Mission, Kansas

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