Dedicated to Joan Lok

Written by Marge Blakey, July 24, 2000

"There is no velvet so soft as a mother's lap.

No rose as lovely as her smile,

No path so flavorly as that

imprinted with her footsteps" ... A. Thompson


I am honored to share in the presence of God,

family, David, sons and friends,

accolades to a wonderful, caring lady, 

Joan Lok.


You extended your hand of friendship and

hospitality to me, despite the fact that

you were facing your own daily challenges.

Your very presence taught me by example,

the true meaning of

"selflessness" and perseverance.

I smile at you because I knew in my heart that,

Giving up was not an Option to you!


Joan Lok, I honor you because

you represent the epitome of womanhood.

I am blessed to have your love and friendship.

You are my inspiration, your prayers and courage

aided in igniting the spark of my

own God given gift, "Word Singing."


You savor the lessons taught you by your elders,

and you continue the rites of passage by

sharing this knowledge.  You teach

your children "and other folks" children,

the true meaning of the Golden Rule.


"Do unto others" is not a measurement

of inches or feet, but

is a reflection of each persons' character.

An important component shared is:

Giving Up Is Not An Option!


You surrendered to God's will and allowed Him

to penetrate your being.

The gift of art and painting continues to

flow through you and springs forth

as an eternal flame.

It has the intensity of electricity, when plugged

into the circuit of life.

One can feel and see its tentacles extended

across the skies, leaving its

trail of light in the vast universe.  It is 

against this backdrop, one can envision the words,

"Giving Up Is Not An Option!"


"You have Class, and your wisdom shines forth

with the confidence, and power of all generations.

When you have Class, and YOU DO, as

a personal ingredient of your character,

you can't fake it.

I thank God each day, for your 

determination and Faith in Him.  It takes

a Special person to stand still and say:


Accept one of God's greatest gifts, LOVE."


True Happiness comes from the Beauty of the Heart